The word that is so easy to say but hard to express. 

The word that is so open to many misconceptions and abuse. 

Many have been hurt in the name of love, but some have been saved in the same name. 

It took me quite a while to understand love because I crave it so much as I didn’t receive it much as i was growing up. 

I actually don’t know hey *laughs in confusion* but all i know is i crave it and i need it. 

I want it so bad and that has got me hurt in many many instances but today I can confidently say I know love. 

I sat down with her, I understood her, I partook of her and I’m proud to have a close relationship with her. 

She is such a beauty, she is patient, she is kind, she is ever present, she is all the nice things in the world, real talk! 

My mistake was looking for her in other people, the wrong people, when she was within me the whole time!!! 

Guys love is something else *blushes* 

Especially when you now get to share that love with someone else and you actually aren’t afraid or ashamed to show it.

You look forward to waking up in the morning and having crazy adventures throughout the day. 

When it goes beyond feelings and you make a very happy, clear and conscious decision to love, honor, appreciate and respect that person. 

A person who is in sync with you, in craziness, saneness and everything in between. 

Love is a package that manifests each day as you give more and more of it away. 

My synonym for love is the word Give. 

I strongly believe that if you love a person you give, its as simple as that. 

You give them the best of you. 

Your, time, attention, affection, efforts.. Your all. 

And the best part is you actually enjoy doing it. 

Love is a continuous sacrifice that unlocks new levels of greatness within. 

Love is amazing… When it goes beyond the word itself… 

Its an inside job… 


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