Never Forget

Life has a way of making us forget what’s important, we become so busy and preoccupied that we forget the beauty of dreams, friends & family. Sometimes I feel like a leaf being tossed in this ocean we call life. Sometimes I disappear under water for so long I forget to fight to survive, I forget to stay afloat, I forget to continue.

It’s easy to hear motivational speeches from other people who have made it in life, at the back of my mind I’m saying “It’s easy for you to say because you are there in life”. But I realize that in as much as our struggles are different, we all have them. And how we handle them is what makes us very different.

Never forget how far you have come, most importantly the successes, smiles and laughs along the way. It’s easy to focus on the bad because the bad easily overshadows the good. May one bad decision or action never sway you to the point that you forget how far you have come. What you have right now is the pinnacle of your success. This is the oldest you will ever be, this may be your last day on earth & may you be grateful for what you have achieved. May we all strive to be better but at the same time be happy and content with what is already there.

Never forget your family & friends. Never forget the people that have challenged you to become a better person. Appreciate those that criticize you, those that make you actually ponder on whether you are sure of the direction you are taking with your life. People that make you defend your beliefs and stand up for what you believe in. What is a winner without challenges? A fighter without an opponent? Where is the victory without the war? Never ever forget to fight!

Never forget the dream, the one thing you came into the world clenching in your tiny fists. The one thing that sets you apart from everyone else on earth. Never ever forget your purpose, no matter how mediocre it seems. You have your unique role to play on mother earth, the world is your stage. Give us the performance of a lifetime!

Never ever forget that you count, you matter, you are beautiful, you are talented, you are gifted, you are amazing, you are intelligent, you are important, you can never ever be replaced.

dawn-1Never Forget!


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