I’m not obligated to make sense

One thing I’ve come to realize so far is your efforts will never be good enough, in a working environment there is a fine line between positive criticism & downright discouraging a person when they have done what has been asked of them & put so much effort. It gets very disturbing somewhere along the line it seems like the numbers are growing & showing positive results but self-worth is deteriorating at the same pace.  pexels-photo-189265

It’s a difficult place to be in where you thought you would be someplace else but you have to make it work where you are, so it makes sense in the long run. One thing that has kept me going so far is not losing what makes me happy & feel alive. My passion for dance, music and blogging, though I may not be as consistent as I would like to be, I won’t let go. That has never been the plan, so it won’t happen.

There is something therapeutic about keeping words inside & writing them instead, so many things get lost in translation even when you are face to face with someone. I’m just grateful that I have this platform and I’m not obligated to make sense lol.


Just glad I’m back right now… It’s about to get very interesting…



4 thoughts on “I’m not obligated to make sense

  1. Sean says:

    Looks like I’ve joined in at the right time 🙂 I can relate to some things you’ve written, and for me, the main thing that keeps me going is remembering what I’m doing, who do I do it for, cause my work is bigger than myself or what the critics say. I do listen to what ‘they’ say but ultimately I believe in my own ability (I also work in media)
    ps: I like your blog

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