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At the beginning of the year I started working at Capitalk FM. The opportunity to be a part of the first commercial talk radio station in Zimbabwe was beyond me. I never would have thought that I would be there, such are the ways of God.
It came with its challenges, just like any other job, personality clashes, long days and longer nights, a whole lotta confusion till the point I figured myself out and got my groove. Did I mention I was also the youngest employee there? Too cool, couldn’t leave that one out. Because things lol!

A couple of months down the line, radio life is firing, digital is blazing even better I was told of an opportunity elsewhere. I’m usually not one to let opportunities go to waste, besides if I make it great! If I don’t, still good, there is always a lesson to learn in failure, right?

It’s funny how all things just seemed to align for me to be able to go for my 2 interviews at my prospective new job. Interviews make me so so anxious guys, new people, putting my best foot forward, hoping they see what I can become and not what I already am. Glad to say I made it still. I was overjoyed of course, my winning team of one never disappoints *hides face* and just then, the fear kicked in.

Fear of the unknown, fear of new things, new people, new memories. I was pretty fine where I was already. Besides, who the hell leaves radio!? It’s such a cool industry, with interesting people. Plus leaving my dearest workmates, oh man…
I mean, we died for the station, from the very beginning, if you experienced Capitalk in its early days you would know.

But then again, I’m only 23, if I’m to live up to 100, God willing, I’m literally only 23% of the way there. Am I ready to not explore and live with “What ifs” for the rest of my life? No sir! I made a decision which I’m actually happy with. My time on radio taught me a lot, selflessness, punctuality, hard work, effective communication, sacrifice & patience. Also getting the job done even when I don’t feel like it. It felt like a heart break leaving, I broke down on live radio on my last show. Bawled my eyes out, but that’s the cycle of life.

Today I start my journey at Dicomm McCann. I’m back to square one & ready to learn, to create, to build & to grow. Life is all about going through motions. Never restrict yourself. The goals that seem too far fetched are not, someone has to achieve them, why not you?

I’m Chengetayi Nosikhumbuzo Mnisi & I’m just getting started!artworks-000203656679-gy0tsw-t500x500


Scared & Anxious… 

Posted: November 17, 2017 in zimbabwe

Zimbabwean Flag

Scared & Anxious…

That’s how I have been feeling for the past couple of days, I’m sure a lot of Zimbabweans have been feeling the same way. It’s amusing how we take life for granted, the fact that our world has been rocked & is continuing to be rocked with each passing minute, and the most we can do is tweet, chat & wait.

What we are experiencing is very new to us, I don’t know what to expect, and sitting around twiddling my fingers while waiting for a news source I can trust is real torture.

Is this what we have been waiting for? Is this what we’ve been praying for? I don’t know. But the thought of freedom is really bringing tears to my eyes. The thought of clean water we can drink from the tap! The thought of the masses actually earning what they deserve for all the work they put in! A stable economy! A trip to the bank that is not mentally exhausting! The chance of a Zimbabwe my child can grow up in without the stresses that consume me day and night. Wow!

A Zimbabwe I can truly be proud of…

Yes, I’m scared and anxious, but I’m ready for change!

Viva Zimbabwe!

Following the passing of someone who was loved & appreciated by many, I’ve just had to evaluate myself & how I’ve been living my life.

Each day we are given is an amazing gift because nothing in life is guaranteed, absolutely nothing! We tend to focus on things that we are going to do, what we are going to achieve in the future & we forget to appreciate the now. The people who appreciate & love us now.


If there was no tomorrow for us, what have we achieved? Whose life have impacted positively? How may opinions have we kept to ourselves? How much did we deprive ourselves, as we said next year or tomorrow? What legacy are we leaving?

May we not take life for granted, may we seize every opportunity that comes our way. May we have an attitude of gratitude, for love, health & each breath we take…

What’s stopping you from living your life to the fullest, with what you already have & where you are?

#30DayAfriBlogger Day 2

Home is what you make it, I grew up in different homes, with different people who had different values. As Africans we have qualities, traditions & values that make us who we are, but I cherish my individuality more. I cannot speak of rules that have made me who I am today. For some have made me afraid, have broken me & have made me hold back. But I can confidently speak about where I am headed.


I will speak of the 10 principles that will make my house a home & build my husband and children to be the best people they can be. Principles my children will pass on to their children & generations to come.

Love – what is a home without love, what is life without love? Our definition of love has been so tainted & adulterated. In my space love shall be given, fiercely & as often as possible. If my children never get to experience true love from another, they should be able to have experience it from me. 

Truth – need I explain more?

Loyalty – to ones self, to the family, to friends 

Passion – to be able to follow what we love & encourage, nurture and inspire the desire to be passionate about ones craft & dreams. 

Creativity – I am a creative and I would lose my purpose in an environment where there is no “creating”

Adventure – to love life by exploring and doing the radical. 

Communication – to have an open line of communication and be able to share all things good, great and difficult. 

Hard Work – one of the greatest gifts I would like to give to my own, all else may fail but hard work will always speak for itself. 

Patience – we all know how life humbles us at times by not granting us what we want or need. Patience is indeed a virtue & in my home patience shall prevail as all good & deserved things eventually come… to those who wait. 

Gratitude – for love, family & life each day. 

Tired of living…

Posted: September 2, 2017 in 30DayAfriBlogger

And the #30DayAfriBlogger challenge begins…

Call me a rebel but I’ve never really liked being told what to do, so this challenge is not going to be a walk in the park. My blogging journey has been my form of release, as inconsistent as it is, it tells the story of my life. Very unpredictable, it’s hard to get comfortable in my shoes but I wouldn’t be anyone else.

I started my blog sitting by a bar sipping on a cocktail, today I start this challenge sitting in a hotel cafe facing a slice of cake & a cup of tea. After 23 years I’ve just realised I’ve never done this for myself. Just enjoy my own company in such and environment and write my thoughts away.

This is not the blog that will get you excited about life, its no the blog that will change the world or win an award. It’s just my release, the raw & honest me.

I feel that I’m a little bit older and don’t feel that need to explain or prove myself.

Today I cannot write chapters & express enthusiasm, because today I am tired…

Tired of scheming

Tired of dreaming

Tired of life… (maybe just a little)


Posted: August 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

 So I recently got engaged and I realised that life has no manual, literally…

Because it was something that I wasn’t expecting, my reality has been rocked. All of a sudden I find myself stressing over things like roora and the wedding because that’s what people ask as soon as they see my ring. And I stammer through saying when the wedding will be & whether or not the person is invited… (Of which they are, well, according to them)

I’ve had to quickly pull myself out of the rut of thinking that I should automaticallly change. Simply because ‘ndaamukadzi wemunhu’. I trust I’m not the only person that is going through this. I fnd myself wondering if I should change the way I walk, talk, speak or think. But I’m the same person, I was a few weeks ago before I had a circle with diamonds on my finger. The mistake I’m trying not to make is putting pressure on myself to become someone I’m not. 

The other thing that happens is problems seem to escalate just because there is a certain prospect of marriage. It’s quite easy to think that my partner ‘aakundijairira’ or wants to take ownership because he has made his intentions clear that he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Which couldn’t be more further from the truth, everything pretty much has stayed the same but seems different because of the sacred ‘ring’.

Formally introducing the husband to be to my great grandmother was the most hilarious thing because I had no idea of what to do and what to say. I didn’t know whether I had to kneel or take a sombre tone or be very casual about it. I have never witnessed anyone introducing their partner who has intentions of marrying them and I have no idea of how I’m going to manouver my way around this road. But that’s the beauty of life, you never know what to expect. 

At the end of the day I’m grateful, that I will be spending the rest of my life with my best friend. If it is true that marriage is just an extension of dating, then it’s going to be an interesting ride… I look forward to marriage, very much. It is important to me because it is important to my family. I am glad to make them proud, to some people it doesn’t matter but where I come from it’s a beautiful & important thing.  

One thing I’ve come to realize so far is your efforts will never be good enough, in a working environment there is a fine line between positive criticism & downright discouraging a person when they have done what has been asked of them & put so much effort. It gets very disturbing somewhere along the line it seems like the numbers are growing & showing positive results but self-worth is deteriorating at the same pace.  pexels-photo-189265

It’s a difficult place to be in where you thought you would be someplace else but you have to make it work where you are, so it makes sense in the long run. One thing that has kept me going so far is not losing what makes me happy & feel alive. My passion for dance, music and blogging, though I may not be as consistent as I would like to be, I won’t let go. That has never been the plan, so it won’t happen.

There is something therapeutic about keeping words inside & writing them instead, so many things get lost in translation even when you are face to face with someone. I’m just grateful that I have this platform and I’m not obligated to make sense lol.


Just glad I’m back right now… It’s about to get very interesting…