Entering 2018 with a very open mind!

Mama I made it to 2018! Have I changed? Is this going to be a new year, new me kind vibe? Honestly no! Im pretty much the same person, but I step into this chapter with lessons and revelations from 2017. Things don't go according to plan & thats ok...  When 2017 started I had … Continue reading Entering 2018 with a very open mind!


I’m just getting started!

At the beginning of the year I started working at Capitalk FM. The opportunity to be a part of the first commercial talk radio station in Zimbabwe was beyond me. I never would have thought that I would be there, such are the ways of God. It came with its challenges, just like any other … Continue reading I’m just getting started!


 So I recently got engaged and I realised that life has no manual, literally... Because it was something that I wasn't expecting, my reality has been rocked. All of a sudden I find myself stressing over things like roora and the wedding because that's what people ask as soon as they see my ring. And … Continue reading Hitched

Never Forget

Life has a way of making us forget what’s important, we become so busy and preoccupied that we forget the beauty of dreams, friends & family. Sometimes I feel like a leaf being tossed in this ocean we call life. Sometimes I disappear under water for so long I forget to fight to survive, I … Continue reading Never Forget