The Zumba Mash Up Aftermath 

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 First of all it is a great thing for you to be selfish and take some time to do what you love. I recently joined the corporate world and underestimated how demanding it can get; especially when you actually enjoy your job. I have found myself getting so consumed to a point where I start neglecting myself.  Funny thing is Saturday morning I had excuses ready…“I’ve had a long week, I’m tired” but I didn’t stop to think that I never do anything for myself. So I dragged myself out of bed and made my way to the Village. That was one of the best decisions I made that morning because I got to be a part of a Zumba class for the first time in my life!  I was even happier to be with my good friend MaKupsy. Thank to blogging, Twitter & our love of nice things we have an amazing relationship.

I was up by 6am and I could not contain keep calm!!  Saturday was here and it was finally time for the Zumba Mash Up event.  I saw it on Facebook a few weeks ago and I promised myself that I would attend the event come rain or shine.  By exactly 9:10am we arrived by Sam Levy’s and there was already a crowd doing Zumba routines.  I was in heaven!  You have no idea how much I love to exercise, I live, breathe and think exercise and what made it all the more exciting was that it was one of my favourite workout routines.  I was surprised when Chenge sent a message telling me that she was on her way, the night before she had said she wouldn’t make it.  I had to keep my phone in hand because I was waiting for Chenge to show up.  She arrived a little later but it was still in time for a lot of fun and selfies, we never get tired of selfies.

I got a few take aways from the day and they are as follows :

Crave the Lifestyle

We actually got a free day pass to Pro Fitness gym. Yet another first for me, I had never been in a gym in my life. For the why? I consider myself fit, broke and quite frankly, I do not have the time & luxury to be in a gym, but I realized that we disqualify ourselves from certain things because of a “This isn’t for me” kinda mentality.  However, it dawned on me that, if not for me then who? If not now, then when? We all deserve nice things in life but we have to go out there and get them! Life is for the taking. Funny enough their weekly fee and ‘walk in’ fee are quite affordable if you really think about it.  Their prices reminded me that, there really isn’t anything stopping me from living my best life, I hope nothing is stopping you.

I wanted to try every single machine in the gym!  My heart was willing but my body was saying otherwise.  We had done a whole one hour of Zumba so burning 450 calories in one go was a sure way to take my energy away.  We still tried out a few machines all the same.  First stop was the treadmill for some warm up.  I was on the treadmill for about 15 minutes.  We didn’t have anyone directing us on how to use the machines so it was a whole guessing game.  Next stop was the bike which was painful my legs were not ready for that experience.  Then the gruesome part came, THE STAIRS!  I don’t know what that machine is called but we did 30 minutes of it and I don’t plan on doing it again, we were on it for about 15 minutes but we looked like someone poured buckets of water on us.  It was intense!  This was my second gym experience this year and I gave them all the marks.  The place is beautiful, the reception area is done up very professionally BUT they don’t have a swimming pool and we all know how much I love to swim!

Life is Exciting 

The highlight of my day was definitely the sauna experience in the gym. First of all, I only know sauna’s from movies. I had never in a million years ever envisioned myself sitting on a towel, in a sauna, sweating my life out lol! Thanks to MaKupsy for just being that friend. If I was by myself I probably would have just taken a shower after my workout and been on my way home. See this is the kind of peer pressure I need in my life, pressure to live that upper life. 2017 is your babe, run with it! 

After nearly an hour of experimenting with different machines we did some stretching to cool down.  I didn’t want Chenge to wake up with sore muscles.  We then hit the sauna and steamer.  Chenge didn’t want to come through but I insisted she try it out and told her she would love every minute of it and she did.  Fitness Hunk was tired of waiting for us but oh well; you know what happens when two women are left to their own devices.  We got time to catch up and make plans for productive things we can do together in the near future.  Chenge is a choreographer among other things and I am all about fitness so you can only imagine the pandemonium we are going to bring to Harare, are you guys ready for it??  I love spending time with her though we always part ways having learnt new things from each other.  I love that we don’t have time for gossip, it’s all about how we can make our Creative talents grow.

Spend Time With People That Lift Your Spirit 

Alone time is important but sometimes we don’t have the luxury of choosing the people we would actually want to spend time thanks to adulating…work, school, projects, hobbies and everything else in-between. Your life can get so overwhelming and you shouldn’t have to go through such moments alone. I am passing my friend all the sando’s right now because she deserves them. She really brings a certain level of fun, chill and calm to my life, Mercy you are an amazing friend. Plus I made a new friend *smiles* his name is Fitness Hunk, and yes he is fit, yes he is a hunk LOL.  I’m not usually open to meeting new people because it is a lot of work, but I enjoyed this experience because Fitness Hunk is a reflection of MaKupsy, open to new ideas, fit, funny and great company. (plus he buys lunch)

Fun fact about MaKupsy & I, we share the same birthday and we went to the same High School, what are the odds??!! 


Do I feel bad for diving into a whole burger, chips and a salad after spending the whole morning working out?? Heck no!  I burnt over 1 000 calories and I was shaking from hunger.  Is that the ideal thing to do for a person who is supposed to be health conscious?  Of course not!! You only live once people PLUS the event came with a 50% discount from three eat out places there was no way I was going to let this miss me.  Chenge and Fitness Hunk had a hard time deciding what to have for lunch but I quickly made up my mind.  We got our food soon and munched away and told ourselves this was something we should start doing more often.  Hook up at least once a month, spend at the gym, grab a healthy bite this time around, watch a movie and the day is gone and we have all had some good old clean fun.  Watch this space next month.  

I remember the first time we followed each other on Twitter, I was like we share the same birthday oh my word oh my word!  Then when I rejoined Facebook I realised that we went to the same High School, like how cool is that.  The best part is that we are both bloggers and I initially got to know about her through her blog; I remember reading through some of her articles thinking to myself, she’s cool, I’m cool, we should definitely be cool together.

We all had a beautiful day and even though we were too full to actually then proceed to go and watch a movie we decided we would meet up again soon before the tickets expired.  We love things yes but we don’t love things that much!

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”– Howard Washington Thurman


If I can wrap up my January in a day, it would definitely be the 28th, it’s not how we start, rather how we finish, right? 

Make it a point to live your best life passionately & aggressively. You only have one! 

In 2017 you shall Run with Fitness Bae & Dance with Pineapple! 



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2016 was a year like no other, no one could have possibly prepared me for what was coming, though I can say the end of 2015 gave me a bit of a preview and as it all begins to make sense when I look back. People are very puzzling and I am still as confused as ever when I try to figure them out, I will try to piece together what was outstanding for me, so here it goes…

People are full of “it” and thats not your problem 

Yo! I came across people who were out for blood, gosh and they were ready to use me and the people that are close to me for their own gains. And at a point were I was even ready to invest my time and energy into helping the next person they just found a way to screw it all up. And then there were people I supported and cheer-leaded in their bid to chase their dreams, but at the end of the day I found out were shitting on me, funny how this life thing is.  Which brings me to the next little point…

Cut people off and don’t look back 

We are responsible for the kind of people we keep in our lives, its easy for us to unfriend and block people on social media but when it comes to actual life, sometimes we hold on because there are gains involved. Whether it be connects, money, status or whatever reason it may be, sometimes no one is worth sacrificing your peace of mind and happiness, and once we figure that out, its much more easier to take the matches and burn that wooden bridge to ashes. Like, if I choose to cut you off, trust me, I have absolutely no intentions of coming back.

People will use you as a pawn in their game of chess 

So we all have family issues and sometimes you end up in the middle and you have no idea whats going on. I found myself in such situations this year, countless times and quite frankly I decided that I’m done with peoples bull. At the end of the day I am a human being and not a chess piece, everyone seems to know whats good for me without even bothering to ask me whats good? Manje with each passing day, I get older and stronger and less dependent, the fabric we call family and respect and unity in some instances is just fabric, some parts we just have to take out that shiny scissors and be prepared to cut cut cut it!

Not everything you start will finish (unfortunately) 

Whether its a project, school, work etc, somethings just wont finish and usually they are not in your control but the sun still comes up the following day and you have to make a plan otherwise you are screwed. I failed to finish something that I really struggled to start and get through, though I worked so hard and tried my best not to disappoint, its quite unfortunate how i know I wont be able to finish what I started. But just as sure as the sun comes up with each waking day, so will I and I will figure out a way to make the unfinished product count either way. With that being said…

Prepare to be hated for being good at what you do 

This one was quite the lesson, I’m the kind of person that puts in 110% into things, especially when I enjoy what I’m doing. There was a space I entered and I believe I made very good progress and made a positive change, but my change and commitment was the root of hatred. The rumors, the attempts to bring me down and ruin my reputation were quite surprising. But did that deter me from being the person that I am, naaaah! It almost got to me but I decided not to pay attention to people that know nothing about me. It just shows I’m doing something right, asvotwa ngarutse veduwe.


It’s OK not to love/lust people back

So yeah there were a couple of bros that wanted to get with a sister within the course of the year, but for some bros I genuinely couldn’t get with because I just did not feel the same way they felt about me no-matter how hard I tried. And I had to just convince myself that its ok, at the end of the day neither my heart or body is a charity organization so not everyone is welcome in this space. If they understand that then that’s cool, if not oh well, still cool in my books. 


Bitterness will kill you 

There are certain things I had sworn to never get over because they hurt me so much and this ranged from family issues to relationships, I was living my life as a response to what happened to me before. I just did not know how to deal with things that hurt me, so I would start a fire within me that was fueled by all the reasons I had to be bitter. But with time after seeing that the people I am bitter at seemed to be going on well with their lives, being all happy in relationships, going on shopping sprees, making it in life and all that. I saw that I was killing myself over people that didn’t give 2 shits and a piss over what happens to me. So I extinguished the fire that was within and started focusing more on myself and quite frankly I’m quite happy that I’m minding my own business and focusing on myself.

Your dream is worth chasing 

Pineapple Creative Studio is the best decision I made in 2016, the moment I decided to make the most of my passion and talent I have been so happy. It’s not easy but I don’t see myself doing anything else. I’ve had doors shut in my face countless times, ignored emails and texts, criticism and no support from the people I would have needed support from the most, but despite all that, we have had such amazing opportunities and the team has stuck together and been so supportive, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Love exists and not all men are the same 

All I remember asking God was someone who would dance with me, not only did God give me an amazing dancer but someone who also loved me with full knowledge of my past and all my ugly flaws. When you have been hurt enough the times it’s easy to become ruthless and color everyone with the same shade. I’m glad to have been found by someone who I wake up and chose to be faithful to, trust, honor and respect. I believe in love again and I look forward to the future.

I’m glad 2016 is over, I can only imagine what 2017 has in store for me…

What Can’t You Do? 

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You are as great as you allow yourself to be. 

If you are made in the image of God then what can’t you do? 

You are an image of love, honour, victory, strength, courage, perseverance, confidence, the list goes on. 

You do not have to work hard to manifest these qualities within yourself, for they are already there waiting for you to believe. 

For we walk by Faith and not by sight! 

Whatever you are going through, the moment you believe, in your heart, trust me, you can over come & you will overcome!

We have all suffered loss, felt pain, shed tears, but our God is Greater than everything we could possibly be going through. 

Make a conscious decision everyday to make the most of what you have. 

For you have enough, You are enough. 

If God is on you side, tell me, what can’t do? 


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The word that is so easy to say but hard to express. 

The word that is so open to many misconceptions and abuse. 

Many have been hurt in the name of love, but some have been saved in the same name. 

It took me quite a while to understand love because I crave it so much as I didn’t receive it much as i was growing up. 

I actually don’t know hey *laughs in confusion* but all i know is i crave it and i need it. 

I want it so bad and that has got me hurt in many many instances but today I can confidently say I know love. 

I sat down with her, I understood her, I partook of her and I’m proud to have a close relationship with her. 

She is such a beauty, she is patient, she is kind, she is ever present, she is all the nice things in the world, real talk! 

My mistake was looking for her in other people, the wrong people, when she was within me the whole time!!! 

Guys love is something else *blushes* 

Especially when you now get to share that love with someone else and you actually aren’t afraid or ashamed to show it.

You look forward to waking up in the morning and having crazy adventures throughout the day. 

When it goes beyond feelings and you make a very happy, clear and conscious decision to love, honor, appreciate and respect that person. 

A person who is in sync with you, in craziness, saneness and everything in between. 

Love is a package that manifests each day as you give more and more of it away. 

My synonym for love is the word Give. 

I strongly believe that if you love a person you give, its as simple as that. 

You give them the best of you. 

Your, time, attention, affection, efforts.. Your all. 

And the best part is you actually enjoy doing it. 

Love is a continuous sacrifice that unlocks new levels of greatness within. 

Love is amazing… When it goes beyond the word itself… 

Its an inside job… 

The Handwriting Tag ☺

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​I had the pleasure of being tagged on this fun game by Beaton, it feels great to be recognised by other bloggers. 

The rules are simple. You just have to write the following instructions on a piece of paper, take a picture of it and post it.

These are the instructions:

  • Write your name.
  • Write your blog’s url.
  • Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazydog.
  • What are you writing with.
  • Draw your favorite emoticon.
  • Write a silly message.
  • Write who you want to tag.


here is mine:

Do feel free to show us your handwriting… 

I picked up a letter today…
It  moved my heart, I didn’t quite understand but I felt it. It’s amazing what words can do, the letter went a little like this…

Here I lay in my bed and I can’t seem to get you off my mind. Your eyes, your smile, oh God! The way you laugh. I want to stay in this moment forever because it feels so perfect.  But the reality is that guys like you don’t date girls like me. It’s just a fleeting fantasy, of what could be… A sip of the gods nectar from a diamond encrusted goblet. Just a sip… 

Guys like you date girls with caramel skin, straight hair, eyebrows on fleek with their faces ‘beat’ to perfection. Girls that command attention when they walk into a room. Girls that smell like they have bathed with rose water and been dipped in honey and patted down with vanilla… Girls that wear Gucci, Versace and Louboutin, them that live the upper life. Girls you can post bae goals with on Instagram and show of to your friends like a Fifa World Cup Trophy. Girls who sit on the couch when you introduce them to the family because “anozo kwaara mabvi akapfugama”. (She will hurt her knees if she kneels on the floor) 

Not girls like me, oh no. Girls that have a goofy laugh and broken past. Girls that stick to sneakers and jeans and don’t know the first thing about contouring and foundation. I mean, the only foundation I’m familiar with is the one before a house is built *shrugs*. Girls with kinky hair and a forgettable face. A girl that dances like no ones watching and isn’t afraid to let loose and get lost in her own crazy world. I’m the girl you don’t want to be seen with when you go out, if we bump into each other it’s just a friendly hug and hasty chat as your eyes dart back and forth to make sure people aren’t noticing us talk or wondering what the relationship might be. 


 I’m the girl that will wake up at 2am when you call and need someone to talk to. The girl that will make you laugh and listen to all your problems as they are my own. The girl that will push you to achieve your dreams and fulfill your purpose, the girl that will jump on the first kombi to come see you when you are sick and live about an hour away… Just to give you a hug and see you smile. I’m the girl that won’t be bothered when I see you with “Fleekiswa” out in public because I know guys like you definitely don’t date girls like me… 

That’s the letter I picked up today…

Do you!

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If there is one thing life taught me and continues teaching me is that before anyone assumes a title in anyone’s life they are an individual.
An individual with independent thoughts and beliefs that have absolutely nothing to do with you.
It’s very easy for a person to exclude themselves from your life for the longest time and not be moved.
They can also stumble their way into your life and act like they want to be a part of it. *shrugs*
Iv learnt that at the end of the day no one really owes me anything or can claim responsibility over me.
Only when it makes them feel better about themselves or when it makes them seem like heroes in invisible halos.
Therefore I am not one to force relationships or keep blowing at cinders that are oh so ready to die out.
When a person wants to be in my life my all means the door is open, and when they want to leave the same door will be widely open but may just get politely shut and locked as soon as their second heel hits the patio.
I’ve been through too much to try to chase people down and beg for relationships. 
I firmly believe that if a person is meant to be in my life then they will be regardless of any situation.
I just wear my poker face and let people be.
The sun still comes up the following day and shines ever so brightly whether a person is in my life or not.

So dear friend, before you call someone mum, dad, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, friend or whatever else really.
Just know that they are human before they are even associated with you and some things they do have absolutely nothing to do with you…

Just be you & Do you!