Taking life for granted

Following the passing of someone who was loved & appreciated by many, I've just had to evaluate myself & how I've been living my life. Each day we are given is an amazing gift because nothing in life is guaranteed, absolutely nothing! We tend to focus on things that we are going to do, what … Continue reading Taking life for granted


10 Principles that will make my house a home

#30DayAfriBlogger Day 2 Home is what you make it, I grew up in different homes, with different people who had different values. As Africans we have qualities, traditions & values that make us who we are, but I cherish my individuality more. I cannot speak of rules that have made me who I am today. … Continue reading 10 Principles that will make my house a home


 So I recently got engaged and I realised that life has no manual, literally... Because it was something that I wasn't expecting, my reality has been rocked. All of a sudden I find myself stressing over things like roora and the wedding because that's what people ask as soon as they see my ring. And … Continue reading Hitched

Never Forget

Life has a way of making us forget what’s important, we become so busy and preoccupied that we forget the beauty of dreams, friends & family. Sometimes I feel like a leaf being tossed in this ocean we call life. Sometimes I disappear under water for so long I forget to fight to survive, I … Continue reading Never Forget