The Handwriting Tag ☺

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​I had the pleasure of being tagged on this fun game by Beaton, it feels great to be recognised by other bloggers. 

The rules are simple. You just have to write the following instructions on a piece of paper, take a picture of it and post it.

These are the instructions:

  • Write your name.
  • Write your blog’s url.
  • Write: The quick brown fox jumped over the lazydog.
  • What are you writing with.
  • Draw your favorite emoticon.
  • Write a silly message.
  • Write who you want to tag.


here is mine:

Do feel free to show us your handwriting… 

I picked up a letter today…
It  moved my heart, I didn’t quite understand but I felt it. It’s amazing what words can do, the letter went a little like this…

Here I lay in my bed and I can’t seem to get you off my mind. Your eyes, your smile, oh God! The way you laugh. I want to stay in this moment forever because it feels so perfect.  But the reality is that guys like you don’t date girls like me. It’s just a fleeting fantasy, of what could be… A sip of the gods nectar from a diamond encrusted goblet. Just a sip… 

Guys like you date girls with caramel skin, straight hair, eyebrows on fleek with their faces ‘beat’ to perfection. Girls that command attention when they walk into a room. Girls that smell like they have bathed with rose water and been dipped in honey and patted down with vanilla… Girls that wear Gucci, Versace and Louboutin, them that live the upper life. Girls you can post bae goals with on Instagram and show of to your friends like a Fifa World Cup Trophy. Girls who sit on the couch when you introduce them to the family because “anozo kwaara mabvi akapfugama”. (She will hurt her knees if she kneels on the floor) 

Not girls like me, oh no. Girls that have a goofy laugh and broken past. Girls that stick to sneakers and jeans and don’t know the first thing about contouring and foundation. I mean, the only foundation I’m familiar with is the one before a house is built *shrugs*. Girls with kinky hair and a forgettable face. A girl that dances like no ones watching and isn’t afraid to let loose and get lost in her own crazy world. I’m the girl you don’t want to be seen with when you go out, if we bump into each other it’s just a friendly hug and hasty chat as your eyes dart back and forth to make sure people aren’t noticing us talk or wondering what the relationship might be. 


 I’m the girl that will wake up at 2am when you call and need someone to talk to. The girl that will make you laugh and listen to all your problems as they are my own. The girl that will push you to achieve your dreams and fulfill your purpose, the girl that will jump on the first kombi to come see you when you are sick and live about an hour away… Just to give you a hug and see you smile. I’m the girl that won’t be bothered when I see you with “Fleekiswa” out in public because I know guys like you definitely don’t date girls like me… 

That’s the letter I picked up today…

Do you!

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If there is one thing life taught me and continues teaching me is that before anyone assumes a title in anyone’s life they are an individual.
An individual with independent thoughts and beliefs that have absolutely nothing to do with you.
It’s very easy for a person to exclude themselves from your life for the longest time and not be moved.
They can also stumble their way into your life and act like they want to be a part of it. *shrugs*
Iv learnt that at the end of the day no one really owes me anything or can claim responsibility over me.
Only when it makes them feel better about themselves or when it makes them seem like heroes in invisible halos.
Therefore I am not one to force relationships or keep blowing at cinders that are oh so ready to die out.
When a person wants to be in my life my all means the door is open, and when they want to leave the same door will be widely open but may just get politely shut and locked as soon as their second heel hits the patio.
I’ve been through too much to try to chase people down and beg for relationships. 
I firmly believe that if a person is meant to be in my life then they will be regardless of any situation.
I just wear my poker face and let people be.
The sun still comes up the following day and shines ever so brightly whether a person is in my life or not.

So dear friend, before you call someone mum, dad, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, friend or whatever else really.
Just know that they are human before they are even associated with you and some things they do have absolutely nothing to do with you…

Just be you & Do you! 


The Self…

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You taught me to be selfish…

After giving you so much of myself you left me no choice.
I believed in you, encouraged you, made you feel like you are worth more than a yeezy sweater.
But in turn you looked down on me, cited my every mistake and imperfection down to the tee.
Was I stupid to actually invest so much of my time and effort on you?
Did I fight battles in vain with beliefs that everything would be alright? 
I guess those are the downfalls of being naive and a romantic.
That’s what happens when I try to defy the harsh realities of life.
Life has humbled me.
But better yet, I have been taught to be selfish.


Gone are the days of sleepless night and constant tossing and turning.
Time to think about myself and put my needs first.
I am my first investment and priority. 
I have realized that there isn’t much honour I’m suffering when there are opportunities to make my life more bearable.
I refuse to be kicked to the ground.
I claim myself and my selfishness today.

I have lived through it but most importantly, I have learned.
I’m allowed to be selfish.
Thanks a lot for helping me open my eyes.

The self is loading.

“Dzikamai Askana”

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So I’m just sitting here thinking about life, how inconsistent it is and how it can just toss and turn you about like a little leaf in the middle of the ocean.
It seems like what I would consider a normal or at least reasonable life can be found in the hands of a script writer and acted out by celebrities that look so great they actually remind you that your life ain’t ish.
Yet thanks to technology, thanks to this damned pvr I can actually record, fast forward, pause and rewind these shows that give me chest pains and have me wishing “why am I not like her?”.

Why am I not where I want to be in life despite me working so hard to get there?
Why do I keep chasing my dream that is so alive in my mind.
My dream that is living, breathing, kicking and screaming inside of me.
It wants to get out!
It wants to be free!

Yet I am told “askana dai mambodzikama” (girly calm down).
Be realistic Chenge.
How about you align yourself to being a simple woman and live yourself a simple life.
Wongoita ka course kako mwanangu,  woshanda paunobhadharwawo ka mari karinani, wozviwanira murume anokuroora.
(Do a course my child,  work somewhere you get a reasonable pay and find a man who will marry you)

And I’m just here like. What!? Excuse me!?
Have you ever asked what I want?
I don’t want to be an employee for the rest of my life. Let alone settle with some polite and boring man to make you happy. 
I hunger and thirst for more!
I need more!
I dream about adventure, travel, freedom, happiness! 

Then reality comes back and puts me in my place.  
“Dzikamai askana” (Calm down girly)
I ain’t done with you yet!



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I have always appreciated artists.
Artists have a story to tell, whether it be great or ugly, they never shy away from letting the world know what they have been through. 
Putting people in their shoes and allowing them to look at the world through their eyes.

I respect artists.
Because instead of trying to fit into a canvas pre-made, they find their own material to make their statements.

Artists taught me.
That it’s okay to not be part of a picture and still be happy. 
It’s okay to stand alone and not be moved.
To look from a distance and appreciate what you cannot be or have.

But to never ever lose yourself in the admiration of another. 

Some pieces make more sense when they stand alone…

I make sense…


I make…


The Phenomenon of Birth

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With the clock slowly ticking away to the dawn of my birthday, I can’t help but get mixed emotions.
This past year has been the most dramatic of years and makes me wish I could turn back the clock to a point where my life was more ”normal”.
It’s been a long roller coaster ride but it is said any day above ground is a blessing. So I am very grateful that I am alive.

Nevertheless I can’t help but think about the phenomenon of birth.
The birth of anything in this world will bring about an unexpected change.
It will make some people very happy, and it will make some people very mad.
Birth causes a ripple in more than one persons life, whether good or bad.
And with growth comes discovery of the known and the unknown. 
When it comes to me, each day is a mystery that unfolds with every hour.
I have learnt that life is extremely fragile and the very foundation of everything I have ever know can change in the blink of an eye.

My birth has brought about a lot of issues, but what remains is I’m here and that’s what matters.
Though I feel I haven’t been celebrated enough as I ought to.
Tonight I toast to myself and celebrate myself with utmost gratitude.
I have come a very long way.
And I will go a lot further, whether some people are on board or not.

So cheers to the one and only beautiful Pineapple!