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Following the passing of someone who was loved & appreciated by many, I’ve just had to evaluate myself & how I’ve been living my life.

Each day we are given is an amazing gift because nothing in life is guaranteed, absolutely nothing! We tend to focus on things that we are going to do, what we are going to achieve in the future & we forget to appreciate the now. The people who appreciate & love us now.


If there was no tomorrow for us, what have we achieved? Whose life have impacted positively? How may opinions have we kept to ourselves? How much did we deprive ourselves, as we said next year or tomorrow? What legacy are we leaving?

May we not take life for granted, may we seize every opportunity that comes our way. May we have an attitude of gratitude, for love, health & each breath we take…

What’s stopping you from living your life to the fullest, with what you already have & where you are?



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The word that is so easy to say but hard to express. 

The word that is so open to many misconceptions and abuse. 

Many have been hurt in the name of love, but some have been saved in the same name. 

It took me quite a while to understand love because I crave it so much as I didn’t receive it much as i was growing up. 

I actually don’t know hey *laughs in confusion* but all i know is i crave it and i need it. 

I want it so bad and that has got me hurt in many many instances but today I can confidently say I know love. 

I sat down with her, I understood her, I partook of her and I’m proud to have a close relationship with her. 

She is such a beauty, she is patient, she is kind, she is ever present, she is all the nice things in the world, real talk! 

My mistake was looking for her in other people, the wrong people, when she was within me the whole time!!! 

Guys love is something else *blushes* 

Especially when you now get to share that love with someone else and you actually aren’t afraid or ashamed to show it.

You look forward to waking up in the morning and having crazy adventures throughout the day. 

When it goes beyond feelings and you make a very happy, clear and conscious decision to love, honor, appreciate and respect that person. 

A person who is in sync with you, in craziness, saneness and everything in between. 

Love is a package that manifests each day as you give more and more of it away. 

My synonym for love is the word Give. 

I strongly believe that if you love a person you give, its as simple as that. 

You give them the best of you. 

Your, time, attention, affection, efforts.. Your all. 

And the best part is you actually enjoy doing it. 

Love is a continuous sacrifice that unlocks new levels of greatness within. 

Love is amazing… When it goes beyond the word itself… 

Its an inside job… 

I picked up a letter today…
It  moved my heart, I didn’t quite understand but I felt it. It’s amazing what words can do, the letter went a little like this…

Here I lay in my bed and I can’t seem to get you off my mind. Your eyes, your smile, oh God! The way you laugh. I want to stay in this moment forever because it feels so perfect.  But the reality is that guys like you don’t date girls like me. It’s just a fleeting fantasy, of what could be… A sip of the gods nectar from a diamond encrusted goblet. Just a sip… 

Guys like you date girls with caramel skin, straight hair, eyebrows on fleek with their faces ‘beat’ to perfection. Girls that command attention when they walk into a room. Girls that smell like they have bathed with rose water and been dipped in honey and patted down with vanilla… Girls that wear Gucci, Versace and Louboutin, them that live the upper life. Girls you can post bae goals with on Instagram and show of to your friends like a Fifa World Cup Trophy. Girls who sit on the couch when you introduce them to the family because “anozo kwaara mabvi akapfugama”. (She will hurt her knees if she kneels on the floor) 

Not girls like me, oh no. Girls that have a goofy laugh and broken past. Girls that stick to sneakers and jeans and don’t know the first thing about contouring and foundation. I mean, the only foundation I’m familiar with is the one before a house is built *shrugs*. Girls with kinky hair and a forgettable face. A girl that dances like no ones watching and isn’t afraid to let loose and get lost in her own crazy world. I’m the girl you don’t want to be seen with when you go out, if we bump into each other it’s just a friendly hug and hasty chat as your eyes dart back and forth to make sure people aren’t noticing us talk or wondering what the relationship might be. 


 I’m the girl that will wake up at 2am when you call and need someone to talk to. The girl that will make you laugh and listen to all your problems as they are my own. The girl that will push you to achieve your dreams and fulfill your purpose, the girl that will jump on the first kombi to come see you when you are sick and live about an hour away… Just to give you a hug and see you smile. I’m the girl that won’t be bothered when I see you with “Fleekiswa” out in public because I know guys like you definitely don’t date girls like me… 

That’s the letter I picked up today…