Entering 2018 with a very open mind!

Mama I made it to 2018! Have I changed? Is this going to be a new year, new me kind vibe? Honestly no! Im pretty much the same person, but I step into this chapter with lessons and revelations from 2017. Things don't go according to plan & thats ok...  When 2017 started I had … Continue reading Entering 2018 with a very open mind!


Taking life for granted

Following the passing of someone who was loved & appreciated by many, I've just had to evaluate myself & how I've been living my life. Each day we are given is an amazing gift because nothing in life is guaranteed, absolutely nothing! We tend to focus on things that we are going to do, what … Continue reading Taking life for granted


​LOVE  The word that is so easy to say but hard to express.  The word that is so open to many misconceptions and abuse.  Many have been hurt in the name of love, but some have been saved in the same name.  It took me quite a while to understand love because I crave it … Continue reading L.O.V.E